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Sunday, December 6, 2009

An Impromptu Boogie Soufflé Christmas Party

On Thursday it was my mate Russell's birthday. Happy happy again mate :) So, on Thursday night myself, Mickey, and Aidan made our way to the horsey capital of Gauteng, Kyalami, to have dinner with Russell, Lydia, and assorted family and friends. After gorging ourselves on the magnificent snoek casarole made by Lydia, and quaffing* a reasonable amount of white wine, Mickey mentioned that he had a very pretty colleague from Pretoria visiting, and would I mind cooking for them?

Of course I said yes! I mean how often do you get to cook for beautiful Pretoria girls who work with your best friend? Friday came with a sunrise and a headache, and after a busy morning I had a brainwave. This was quite a noteworthy event, especially since I still had a mild ache behind my eyes. "Why not", I suggested to Mark, "Why not make this an unofficial (read cheap) Christmas party for Boogie Soufflé? I mean all the local businesses were having their Christmas do's, why not us?" So the idea for the Boogie Christmas party was born.

* Quaffing: the same as drinking, but you tend to spill more. (Terry Pratchett)

For starters I served Aubergine stacks with grilled peppers and a corriander, dill and lemon drench and a side serving of sherry mushrooms.

Mark cooked spaghetti with our famous seafood sauce with salmon, oysters, mussels, tomatoes, and white wine.

Mark and I both surprised our guests, Mickey, Karen and Kerry (Mark's sister) by hosting the party in black tie!

Karen seemed to like my Captain Morgan outfit. :)

 Kerry, clearly enjoying the atmosphere.

Mark and I, looking sharp!

For desert I made bread and butter pudding, always a winner.


  1. First of all, you two are hilarious, black tie and all. I like your blog and am going to have to throw it into my blog reader. Your food seems creative and the photography impeccable, so I can learn a lot here.

  2. Thanks Chris, I'm glad you enjoy it. Its really nice to hear from new people. It makes it all seem very worthwhile.

  3. Great Blog, great photos, just took ages to download, being on a ship with satellite connection. Saw you guys on the foodie blogroll, nice to have more blogs from SA

  4. Thanks Traveler, I had a look at your blog and was very impressed. You have a new fan.

  5. you guys are a scream, love the suits and ties! :)