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Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I'm back and ready to start a new year.

Unfortunately Mark has moved to Cape Town for the summer casting season. I really miss my kitchen buddy, but I wish him every success at finally making it to Hollywood.

Happy new year to all my readers, this year is gonna be great. To get it started properly, I cooked a dinner party for my friend Aidan and his girlfriend Kelly.

For starters I served a thin slice of salmon quiche. For mains I made Pastilla (pronounced "bastiyya"; Arabic: بسطي) a sweet and savoury Moroccan curry pie in phyllo pastry. It was made with chicken, dates, eggs, almonds, onion, and more spices than you can throw a stick at.
Many thanks to Kevin Lynch of Closet Cooking for the recipe (
Normally you sprinkle cinnamon and icing sugar on the top, but this time I chose not to.

Aidan and Kelly

For desert I served lemon cheese cake, vanilla ice-cream, and chocolate phyllo parcels. A fantastic start to the Boogie calendar!


  1. That looks and sounds simply amazing! Kevin does put out a lot of excellent and interesting recipes, doesn't he? He can make a grilled cheese into a gourmet lunch.

    My mouth is watering thinking about the combination of flavors in your pastilla.

  2. I agree, the man is a culinary genius. The pastilla was fantastic, I can't wait to make it again:)